What is Jewish human hair wigs ? and how to choose Jewish wigs?

Jewish wigs usually means a kind of human hair wig design for Jewish women.it is different with normal full lace wig or lace front wigs.so here we would like to explain you what is Jewish wigs and how to choose Jewish wigs.

Jewish wig usually have three kind base wig cap,they are silk top,mono base,and thin skin together with silk top or mono base(lace also have customer used,but the demand less than silk top,and mono).so they are most are silk top with machine wefts wig cap,mono base with machine wefts wig cap,maybe you will ask why no full lace wig with mono or with silk top for Jewish wig?there have women use,but very less.there have a few factors why less Jewish wig with full lace.one reason is Jewish women more love no use glue.back with machine wefts are better than lace for glueless.another reason is Jewish wig is in a high demand,so the price is very expensive.and for full lace the price and product time will much longer than machine made.here is the cap construction for you reference:

What is Jewish human hair wigs ? and how to choose Jewish wigs?-wholesale hd lace wigs,hd lace closure,human hair pieces supplier
silk top jewish wigs

It is a silk top in front,the silk top part also can use mono base instead.

Since you had know what is Jewish wigs,how to choose a Jewish wigs?

If you often note Jewish wigs,you will know all Jewish wigs price is very expensive.so why they are so expensive? Because of the skill and material.

1:Jewish wigs all use virgin human hair made.and also demand all hair double drawn,can not comes short hair.

2:Jewish wig most use silk top and mono base.these base the hole size more smaller than lace,that means need more time to make the wigs,even use lace material,the lace use single knots,not double knots(normal lace wig usually double knots),so that the knots seems almost not exist.

3:no fold hair,for normal human hair lace wig,it all have fold hair.Jewish wig no fold hair

So as such  many high demand,so in most situation ,Jewish need custom,and the produce time need around 40 days.hope this can help you learn Jewish wig better.




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