What is HD lace for wig and lace frontal making?everything you should know about HD lace

What is the most invisible lace for lace closure and lace wigs ? the answer absolutely is HD lace.but i guess you must be dazzling by many different information from different place.and now all your doubts will stop here,we will let you clear everything for HD lace!

1:HD lace is the same as transparent lace ?

The answer is absolutely NO !but why there so many people said like that ? that because HD lace produce capacity is limited.that leads to many factory can not get real HD lace to make lace wigs and closure.so they tell many customer transparent lace equal to HD lace.and another reason is HD lace price is much higher than transparent lace.use transparent lace can reduce the cost.

2:why there have many different types HD lace in market?

HD lace have few hundreds different kinds types that is true.but used for lace wigs and lace frontals only few kinds.the most HD lace type used are :046,055,and 060.maybe you confused what these number means ?the number stand for each square inch including holes.for example 046 stand for 1 square inch lace including 46holes.the hole more the hair will sew more,the hair density will high.so that is why maybe you buy HD lace wigs or lace frontal from different supplier,but seems a little difference.here we recommend you choose 055and 060 type,because 046hole too big,it will let the hair seems very thin.but no matter which type you buy,they all have the high definition.

3: HD lace color is access to transparent lace color?

Before answer you this question,there have a wrong idea i should share with you.transparent lace is not the most invisible lace.skin melt lace is the most realistic lace.now let us answer your above question.HD lace color also have few hundreds types,even it can be custom as you want.but it also some most used lace color,they are black(most be used on human hair pieces) ,pork pink,original transparent(access to transparent,but not as white as transparent).

So that is also the reason maybe you buy HD lace wigs or lace closure but sometimes the lace color is also difference.here we recommend you choose pork pink and original HD lace color.

So after these explain you should understand one sense,when you choose HD lace wigs or HD lace closure,the best choice for you should be :055 or 060 article,and pork pink or original HD lace color will be the best.

Hope this article can help you know more details of HD lace for wigs and lace closure,if you still have question,you can send us email,we can ship you HD lace sample to your hand,you can see in person.

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