What is hair toppers?Everything you should know about hair topper

Human hair toppers is widely used on both men and women all over the world.but still have many people don’t understand what is hair toppers.here we are happy to let you know more details of hair toppers

We know not all people need wear lace wigs.some people maybe only a small part hair thin or no hair ,such as only in hairline or only in crown and so on.so for these part only need small pieces hair products,then they still can mixed their own hair together with hair pieces.we normally called these small hair pieces named hair toppers.as different people the hair thin area also different.so hair topper have many different size.most are 2x6inch,4×4 inch,5x6inch,6×7,7×8,7x9inch and so on.

How many kinds of topper base?

Though hair topper is different with lace wigs.but hair topper have the same wig cap base as lace wig,it is also including:lace,mono,thin skin,silk top and so on.

What hair length most for hair topper?

As hair topper most are match with your own hair.so in most situation the hair length is from 10-20inch.

What hair color can choose for hair topper ?

In fact hair topper almost the same like lace wigs except the size.so hair color can do on lace wigs also can do on hair toppers.

Can i choose hair density for hair topper?

Yes,hair topper also can choose hair density.

How long for a hair topper can use ?

From my experience,i think hair topper can use as longer as you want,because hair topper in most situation can take off anytime.so it can use a long time.

Which people can use hair topper?

Hair topper can used on both men and women.

Hair topper can do synthetic hair and human hair ?

Yes,both human hair and synthetic hair all can do hair topper.

How long time to custom a hair topper?

Custom order shipping time decide by many factors,including : hair density,wig base(silk top and mono is longer time than lace),hair color(highlight or mixed color longer time than fixed color ) and topper size and so on.usually 10-30 days can finish.

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