Remy hair vs virgin hair ,what the difference between remy hair and virgin human hair ?

When we choose a human hair lace wigs,we will always face one question.remy human hair or virgin human hair?today we would like to explain the difference between remy human hair and virgin hair.

Remy hair material from many different women,so the hair root and hair ends mixed,they not to the same direction.that means the cuticle of remy hair also not all in the same direction.

Virgin hair cut from one roots and hair ends all in the same the cuticle also in the same direction

When we dying hair,remy hair as the hair nutrition had less than virgin in the same situation,remy human hair most can dye to dark blonde.but virgin hair can dye to platinum blonde hair.maybe for some people can dye remy hair to platinum,but please note,even both remy hair and virgin hair all dye to the same platinum blonde hair.remy hair quality also not as good as virgin hair.we both know dye hair have a deeply processed on remy hair nutrition less,so the hair hurt badly than virgin hair.

So if you want platinum blonde hair or some lightest color on lace wigs and hair extensions ,you must be choose virgin hair.

So how to apart remy hair and virgin hair ?

To tell the truth,it is very hard to apart remy hair and virgin hair from eyes .the best way is dye the hair,as we said above,in most situation virgin hair can dye lightest color than remy hair..if you had dye virgin hair before,you will note virgin hair root color will have little difference with ends hair color,that is normal. because our hair root have more nutrition than hair ends.

Though remy hair and virgin hair have some difference.but they all 100% human hair.they all can do many different hair texture,including curl,wave,yaki and so on.and if you take care of them carefully,they all can used a long time.but virgin hair will use a longer time than remy hair.

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