How to take care of human hair lace wigs ?

Most women have more than one human hair lace wigs,as human hair wigs had already belongs part of fashion,so how to take care of human hair lace wigs becomes necessary,now let us see how to take care of human hair lace wigs.

Normally there human hair lace wigs most problem is shedding, tangle, dry(this also one of the reason caused tangle)and lace take care of human hair lace wigs from the above three direction.

1:avoided shedding

There have few reasons caused shedding.first the human hair lace wigs have quality problem(this way you need changed a supplier),second as some wrong operate leads to shedding.such as comb the lace wigs with strong power,when we comb the lace wigs,the right way should be use wide tooth comb,and comb the lace wig from ends to root little by little.please not comb the lace wigs when the hair is wet.also when you comb the lace wigs,if feel the hair too dry,you can together with some hair conditioner.for some curl texture lace wigs,you can no use combs,you can use finger to adjust the texture.another reason why hair shedding that maybe you used strong acidic or alkalinity hair shampoo.this way also will leads to shedding,so choose neutral hair shampoo is better.the third reason,deeply bleach knots,most women usually ignore this reason,in fact this reason take up a big percentage.deeply bleach knots easy to broken the hair knots,then will cause shedding,so though bleach knots can let your lace wig looks more natural,but please not over processed.

2:avoided tangle

There have some factors to caused tangle.such as hair dry,comb the lace wig by wrong way,(we had talked the tips to solution these two question on above).another reason many people had regardless,it is sleep with lace wigs(especially sleep with the wet hair)so if possible,we recommend you take off the lace wigs before sleep.if you can not take off,then you should better sleep with dry hair.during wash lace wigs also easy to cause tangle.

So how to wash human hair lace wigs ?

1:you should use cold or mild water,please forbidden hot water.

2:choose mild shampoo,not acidity or alkaline shampoo.

They put your lace wigs in the water,slightly shape the lace wig until the shampoo wash clean.then put the wig on a towel,use towel to absorb the water,during the time,please not rub the lace wigs.then put the hair conditioner on the lace wigs,after do these,let the lace wig become dry through natural wind.please forbidden use hair dryer to process the wet hair.because when hair wet,the cuticle is open,if you use hair dryer it is easy to broken the cuticle,then more easy to tangle.

3:avoid lace broken

Many customer also will met another problem,it is the lace broken.for now we all know HD lace is very popular.but HD lace also more easy to broken,so you make a decide you want more invisible lace or more durable lace.besides lace material,strong sunshine is another reason cause lace broken,so please avoid your lace wigs under sunshine too long of the most reason is you use metal combs,and the metal comb easy to damage the lace .so if possible,please not use metal fact normal Swiss lace is strong enough,if you care is not easy to broken.

Above these reason is the most problem we met,in fact during the way to use wigs,it will have many kinds problems,if you have other problem welcome send us message,we would like to help you


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