How to make human hair lace wigs looks more realistic ?

Human hair lace wigs had been widely used for now,it not only used for women who have hair loss problem,more and more women would like wear lace wigs for fashion.but no matter which way you wear lace wigs.make lace wigs look realistic is necessary.

So how to make human hair lace wigs looks more realistic?here we list some tips,hope this can bring you much help.

1:choose right human hair lace wigs cap.

Full lace wigs is better than lace front back by machine wigs,lace front wigs is more better than all machine made must admit full lace wigs is much thinner and soft than machine made if you have enough budget,first choice is full lace wig.if your budget have limited,then you can choose lace size bigger lace front wigs,such as 13X6 lace front wigs or 360 lace wigs.if they are still exceed your stand,then you can choose 13×4 or 4×4,5×5 lace front wigs,and the last choice is all machine wig.even you choose machine wig,u part wig also more better than all machine wigs.because u part wig can mixed your own hair together with wig.

2:after you choose affordable lace wigs cap.then we can have more other small tips to improve realistic.if you choose full lace wig,then you can add silk top on full lace wigs,silk top can hidden the hair knots.that means your wigs looks like hair grow from your scalp.and if you choose lace front can do bleach knots.bleach knots can make your knots color more lighter.and also can do pre plucked hairline on lace pre plucked hairline,it can let the wigs look more natural.maybe you will say i buy is machine wig.above tips is useless for me.for machine wigs.besides choose u part wigs,we recommend you choose machine wigs with bangs,as it have the bangs,it can hide the hairline(because machine wig no lace,so hairline is looks thick).

3:choose right lace color

We believe most customers know choose lace color match your own skin color.but this is wrong,you should choose lace color match your own scalp color! This is very important.please keep in mind choose lace color match your scalp color !skin color not equal your scalp color.the best way is use HD human hair lace wigs.HD lace can match your own skin is totally invisible.but if you use normal lace wigs,and found the lace color have difference with your scalp color,how to do that?take it easy,you can use liquid foundation.that can help you make lace match your scalp perfect.

Hope all these tips we share can help you make lace wigs realistic.and enjoy human hair lace wigs very well.

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