How to choose human hair products for white women ?

Human hair products not only used by black women,it also have a widely used during white women.but white women and black women have a different demand on human hair how to choose human hair products for white women ?

There have these products usually choose by white women.they are full lace wigs,glueless lace wigs,lace front wigs,human hair pieces.human hair extensions.

1:lace wigs,white women more like human hair lace wigs with silk top.when they choose human hair lace wigs.they have strict demand on lace color,hair texture,and hair color.white women more love light brown or transparent lace color.and also like straight and wave hair texture.they almost no curl hair texture.for hair color,they more love to choose ombre blonde with brown roots,blonde color,brown color,mixed blonde color,and highlight blonde color.they also more love balayage hair color.for hair density,they usually not ask for as thick as black women.

2:human hair pieces.

Human hair pieces for white women have so many kinds than black women,such as silk top hair pieces,mono hair pieces ,thin skin hair pieces,lace hair pieces,machine made hair pieces and so on.they usually choose hair pieces shape and size decide by the part their head thin or loss hair.and hair color also many different.

3:human hair extension

In most situation,all the human hair extension in market all can be used on white women.including:clips in hair extension,human hair bundles,tape hair extensions,keratin hair extension,when they wear these hair extensions,all they need straight or wave hair texture.their almost no curl hair extension.and for hair color have many kinds.such as :black,brown,piano color,ombre color,blonde color,platinum blonde color and so on.

So no mater which kinds of human hair products white women choose.there have a few point you should note :no or almost no curl hair texture,hair color most are blonde,mixed blonde,balayage hair,less natural black and brown.lace color transparent or light brown.

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