How to choose custom human hair lace wigs?

Custom human hair lace wigs had become more and more popular,many women would like to pursue different hair texture and hair color on human hair lace custom human hair lace wigs is a long time order(usually need 30-40days shipping).so how to choose custom human hair lace wig is a very important thing.

Here we have some advice for you,hope will bring you some help

All human hair lace wigs have eight factors,there are : hair length,hair density,hair material,hair color,hair texture,wig cap construction,wig cap size,lace color.

1:hair length

This is easy to understand,hair length means the wig hair length you want,for now most factory can do 8-24inch,if you want 26-34inches some factory also can do ,just one thing you need to know,hair length stands for straight hair length,it means if you do curl or wave,the length will not as long as straight show.

2:hair density

Hair density equal hair weight,the higher density you want,the higher weight wigs will do .so that decide you want hair weight.normally medium density is the most used.each factory have a weight form,you can ask them for reference.

3:hair material

There have three kind hair in market,they are non remy hair,remy hair,and virgin hair.non remy hair less people ask for,so most be used in market is remy hair and virgin hair.remy hair can bleach to color 27#,it can not do too light color,such as 613#,60#and so hair can do any color as you want.and remy hair price much cheaper than virgin if you want natural black color or brown color such as 3#,4#,remy human hair is not a problem.but if you want blonde color and platinum blonde color.or ash blonde and some special color,you must choose virgin hair,because these color all need deeply processed,virgin hair cuticle keep perfect,even after deep processed,it still can keep good quality.

4:hair color

For custom human hair wigs order,color normally the most place to have problems,there have a few reason.every people have a a different opinion on same hair color ,.because of light,different computer,different phone.the color will show difference.for single color the problem less.but for highlight color,mixed color,balayage color reasonable difference must people can do 100% same color,even one maybe he do the same,but if he do few thousands it must will have errors.another reason why hair color on lace wigs comes problem,that because used wrong hair material,like we said in above,some color must be used virgin hair to do ,if you use remy hair,it will not come the same color.the third reason is most people regardless,different factory the hair color ring is different.that also caused the if you do custom lace wigs,keep a right communicate is necessary.

5:hair texture

There are have straight,yaki,kinky straight,body wave,deep wave,loose wave,deep curl,loose curl,african kinky curl and so on these kinds of hair in most situation it will less comes problem.there maybe have a problem it is different factory for different hair texture will have a little difference.but this easy to solve.

6:wig cap construction

This more easy to do,you just need tell the factory the wig cap you want,normally have full lace wig,lace front wig,silk top lace wig,mono base wig,thin skin wig and so on.

7:wig cap size

This is more important.during we talk with our customers we found most customer don’t know to to measure their wig cap.right way to measure wig cap is very important,because if the size you choose not right,it will leads you can not wear the lace wig.normally you need six size for a whole wig we had list the way to measure your wig cap,hope these can help you

How to choose custom human hair lace wigs?-wholesale hd lace wigs,hd lace closure,human hair pieces supplier

Please note,for custom order,any wig cap size is not a problem,even your size is 24 or 25 all can be done,just one thing,measure right way!

8:lace color

This part also easy to choose,you can choose the lace color same as your scalp color,not skin color,some people skin color is not same as scalp color.

After our explain,we hope can make you clear about custom human hair lace wigs,if you still have question,you can send us message,we would like to all help!

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