Full lace wig VS lace front wigs,what’s the difference and which is better ?

We had explain human hair full lace wigs and lace front wigs in previous content.but still have some customer feel difficult to choose right lace wigs for them.now let us put full lace wig and lace front wig together,to see their advantage and disadvantage.

Comfortable and breathability

Full lace wigs made by swiss lace or stretch,lace front wig only front have lace,back most used by machine,so full lace wig more soft and comfortable to wear.also lace have a better breathability than machine wefts. So full lace wig is win for Comfortable and breathability


There have many factors to decide a human hair lace wigs life.such as personal use habits,hair quality problem ,hair texture,and so on.from our view,if all the lace wigs care well.no tangle ,no shedding,we believe full lace wig can durable same long as lace front wigs.so here let’s do full lace wig equal lace front wig


Full lace wig not only made of Swiss lace,it also can be designed by stretch,and do silk top on full lace wigs(silk top size no limited),and also can add thin skin on full lace wigs,mono base full lace wig also no problem.for lace front wig,we can met so many kinds such as :4X4,5X5,6X6,7X7 lace front wigs,13X4,13X6,13X1,T shape lace front wigs,and also have 360 lace frontal wigs.lace front wig also can do silk top,thin skin,and mono base,but as the lace size normally limited,so silk top,and thin skin size can not do as large as full lace wigs.but lace front wigs have more kinds than full lace wigs.so for this part lace front wig is a little advantage than full lace wigs.


Full lace wig can be the most realistic human hair lace wigs.it can do whole head bleach knots,whole head silk top,whole head thin skin,it can do any deep parting from any direction,also can do high ponytail and pre-plucked hairline.for lace front wigs can not do whole head bleach knots,(because machine wefts).and also can not do whole head silk top and thin skin,for free and deep parting only 13X6 lace front wig can be better,others lace front wig as the lace size not big enough,it is can not better.and also only 360 lace front wigs can do high ponytail realistic(other lace front wig as no lace around perimeter,so do high ponytail not good).and for some lace front wig also can not do perfect hairline because of the lace size problem.so this part full lace wig have big advantage.


There is no doubt lace front wig will win with big advantage.

Finally,after our above compare,we believe you can have a entire knowledge about full lace wigs and lace front wigs,you can choose the right wig cap according to your demand.

If you still have any question about human hair full lace wigs and lace front wigs,welcome to send us message.



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